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xmas cards & mini twilly


When was the last time you sent
a Christmas card to your loved ones?

We do send every year and this year
we thought of sharing with you all,
our 8 Christmas design cards
-of our 8 Grecian Chic years.

Let’s follow tradition and send Christmas cards this year!

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Product Description

Xmas Cards & Envelops
8 different design cards -printed on one side
8 coloured envelops
Card dimensions: 10,5cm x 15,5cm
Envelop dimensions: 11,4cm x 16,2cm
Printed in Greece

Mini Twilly
100% Twill silk
Double sided
Size: 1,2cm x 98cm
Hemming: extra fine line
Dry Clean Only / Cool Iron
Made in England

Grecian Chic Paper Box
Dimensions: 18,5cm x 13,5cm x 2cm
Made in Greece