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April 2014

Silk scarves by Elena Zournatzi for Grecian Chic!

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These are the unique silk scarves we absolutely fell in love with – designed by Elena Zournatzi of Athens-based Grecian Chic.

Before we talk about  Grecian Chic we should definitely write about the designer behind the brand. Elena Zournatzi (born in 1981 in Athens) has studied Graphic Design at Kingston University in London, and then took a Postgraduate 2D Cartoon Animation course at Central Saint Martins in London. Over the last years, she has been designing motives for Museums in Greece and Cyprus and collaborates with a very specific French Haute Couture Fashion House (we are not allowed to name it, though, a real pity). Her motives are printed in porcelain, textiles and various paper products. She is also founder & owner of the “Greek Design” company. And she lives between Athens and Nicosia, Cyprus.

But it was back in 2011, at the beginning of a summer holiday when, accompanied by the warmth of the Greek sun and the dark blue of the Aegean sea, Elena Zournatzis’s idea was born; to combine the elegance of the silk with the strong culture of my birth country.

And here we are today, drooling over the Grecian Chic silk foulards, pocket squares and ribbons; the “Classical” as well as the “Grecian Life”. The “Classical” has as its source the history, the traditions and even the mythology. Inspiration derives from the details of ancient marble sculptures to the Minoan pottery, from traditional folklore embroidery to the gold jewellery of Alexander the Great. The “Grecian Life” represent the present daily life, in a comical way – the chic lady traveling among the islands and the villages in the mountains, to pose next to cult male figures.

If I absolute had to choose one among all my designs, I think I would go for the Grecian Village. This has got to be my most favourite one, because it reminds me of summer vacations on an island of the Aegean Sea. And royal blue is definitely my favourite colour, too“, says Elena Zournatzi, after we forced her to choose just one. “But that is the thing with silk foulards. They are timeless, classic, and there are thousands of ways to wear them. As wrist-bands, as pocket squares, as hair or leather bag accessories. The possibilities are countless. You never get bored and they always look as good as new – with every different use”. 

All of the motifs, to the finest detail, are hand pencil drawings on paper, before colour brings them to life. The final drawings are digitally printed on 100% pure silk in England and each scarf has a fine seam finish. Yes, this is exactly where greek design meets british production. And the outcome is simply extraordinary.

by Doya Karolini

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