BILL & COO, Mykonos, Greece
Summer 2019

Amazing Greeks
Full of dreams, dedicated to a vision and faithful to tradition. Meet the faces that bring past to a very promising future.

Elena Zournatzi
The Greek Myths Designer

The first time she visited Santorini she was 8 years old. The otherworldly landscape with the black beaches, the deep blue waters, and the traditional island houses -kastelia- were meant to leave their mark onto the memory of Elena Zournatzi becoming a turning point in her creative path. In 1999, the family bought a house in the settlement of Emporio and since then it serves every year as a set for the photographic shoot for the Grecian Chic scarves collection. There are two collections so far: a classical one with themes taken from Greek mythology, civilization, and folklore, and a contemporary one, with the Grecian Chic Lady traveling around the world (for example the collection Grecian in London, Rome, Constantinople, New York and Paris). The designer uses silk as it is more receptive to printing and all the creations are sewn and printed in England. The collection include the Grecian Circus, Grecian Beach , the old men’s accessory known as Kompoloi (worry beads), the Grecian Trip Bus and the Paniyiri (local Greek festivals).

Who is Who
Born in Chalkis, Evia. She studied painting, ceramics, sculpture and b/w photography. She is a graduate of Kingston University Graphic Design with a MA in 2D Cartoon Animation art Central Saint Martins, London. She has been collaborating with Hermès while in 2009 she was chosen to design the Acropolis Museum staff’s silk scarves. In 2013 she presented her own brand “Grecian Chic” (, a recurrent collection of silk scarves for sale.

Elena is wearing the “Kompoloi” silk scarf.
On the right hand side presenting the “Grecian Blossom” silk scarf.

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