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May 2014

‘Summer Healing’
Grecian Chic x Liana Vourakis: summer must-have scarves

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It’s me! In a scarf!
Grecian chic x Liana Vourakis

The hottest collaboration of the summer has just happened! The talented illustrator Elena Zournatzi founder and designer of Greek design company Grecian Chic has created for the well known for her fine collection of luxury,  jewelry designer Liana Vourakis, a caspule summer collection of luxury silk scarves with the name ‘Healing Summer’ which compliments the ‘evil eye’ collection of the successful jewelry designer. Inspired by Greek culture- think, evil eye, corals and white pebbles these silk scarves make the must-have item for the luxe and adventurous traveller.

I visited the boutique last week and I fell instantly in love with the Grecian Chic x Liana Vourakis silk scarves! The colours the super soft silk and the prints altogether made the perfect scarf for the summer. The good news is that here are so many cool ways to wear these luxurious scarves you can not image! Here’s my top 3 easy ways to wear them:

1) Layer it with  long necklaces – Here I layered with Liana Vourakis ones

2) Wear it on your wrist and create an interesting print on print twist

3) Create a 60s deluxe style with a bow around a high ponytail or high fishtail. I accessorized mine with Liana Vourakis summer statement earrings, corals and pearls!

At the end of the night I really felt the Queen of Corals wearing the amazing Coral crown by Liana Vourakis

‘Healing Summer’ collection is available at Liana Vourakis boutique at CityLink, Voukourestiou 1, Athens, 210 3311.027 and on line here.

by Eva Papgeorgiou

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