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July 2015

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Grecian Chic: Elegant to the Bone!

Elena Zournatzi is her own best advertisement: petite, ultra chic and constantly sporting a silk scarf, she’s the girl you always wanted to – and now you can!

Grecian Chic owner and designer Elena Zournatzi is no ordinary girl. With her sleek, ultra-elegant short crop and her beautifully tailored outfits – usually featuring one of her trademark scarves – she’s a sight for sore eyes and so she should be. For the past four years she’s been spearheading her own business, a flawlessly branded silk scarf concept that would put Hermes to shame. OK, maybe not exactly to shame, but the French luxury house has indeed expressed their admiration for her elegant scarves, rooted in Greek tradition and laced with a great sense of humor. All prints are hand-painted with patience, attention to detail and affection for their slight imperfections. One look and you’ll be hooked. The collections are split in past and present, one derived from gold jewelry patterns of times gone by, while the other one is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to modern Greece. But the best part is the custom-made option. All you have to do is describe your concept, send her a picture of your favorite pet, your life motto or – heck – even a picture of your mom and she will spin it into a delightful silk concoction that your family will cherish for generations to come.

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